07-3-2007 08:31:26 pm CDT

AS Official Master Of Ceremonies for the Gospel Showcase - and to have special guest MC - Red Robinson there to share some poignant stories - I was thrilled by the record attendance - over 6000, the wonderful job of performing done by all of the 15 artists who woke up early to share Elvis' Gospel Tunes...but most importantly we RAISED THE LARGEST sum of money ever raised to date at the festival - almost $5000.00 in donations alone that went to the Penticton Regional Hospital Fund to purchase a Mammogram machine for early detection of breast cancer.  That is really what it is all about.


07-3-2007 08:26:32 pm CDT

SO just like Christmas...the 2007 Penticton Elvis Festival came and went in a fury of frivolity facial hair...and famous rock & roll tunes! Record attendances, and many memorable moments - such as my bro - BEN KLEIN - proposing to his lovely lady - VANESSA - during the gospel show that I was MC of.   I for one had the best time ever - getting to be a co-host with legendary rock & roll radio icon - Red Robinson - was an amazing experience, as well as bringing my sensational 8 piece ULTIMATE ELVIS SHOWBAND to back up the special guest headliners this year - Steve Kabakos and Gino Monopoli - both of whom I am proud to say a good friends of mine.  Their show did not disappoint as well as the other 27 artists that came to Penticton in search of the title as Ultimate Elvis and thus qualifying for the first ever EPE Elvis Contest in Memphis during Elvis Week (The Week Of August 16th)  That title went to Jeff Bodner who whooped up the crowd all weekend with his amazing stage show - not to be omitted are the amazing talents of BEN KLEIN, C.J BERUBE, ADAM LEYK, as well as new friends to the frey - CORNY REMPEL and ADAM TARNOWSKI whom I haven't seen for almost a decade.  ALL IN ALL - I can't wait till next year!


05-27-2007 04:38:15 am CDT

I had the distinct pleasure of visiting CANUCKS PLACE when I was present with ADAM LEYK to make the presentation of the cheque for $1058.00 we raised for them at Charity shows arranged by the fan club in March.  WOW - what an amazing organization - the huge hearts of the people that work there really make you believe in the goodness of mankind, and their passion has created a hospice that is a home filled with love for those innocent children that don't necessarily have tomorrow promised to them.  It take $6 million a year to keep the operation running and is the VERY FIRST of it's kind in Western Canada and soon to be copied by Calgary and other hockey towns, using ours as a prototype.  These kids not only get treatment, they have schooling, music appreciation room, field trips, and a lush and beautiful garden to play in and the staff which is majority volunteers really loves these kids.  The walls are draped with wonderful artistic creations made by the kids that stay here.  Interestingly enough...the Canucks hockey team personal donations only make up about 20% of the funds needed - so they should never be overlooked as a charity that needs help!  Believe me...you visit Canucks Place and you will fall in love with this place...it has to succeed at ALL COSTS...and thanks to all of you...it continues to helps hundreds of desperate children a year...but many more need the help too!


04-14-2007 09:40:58 pm CDT

Okay - we are down to the final TWO months before PENTICTON ELVIS FEST!  My buddies Adam, Sandor and Aaron will be there as long as pals C.J. Berube and Ben Klein - this may be the best one yet!  I have been honored to be asked as one of the official guest performers / host / M.C For The Gospel Show this year and my band - THE ULTIMATE ELVIS SHOW BAND will be the official HEADLINER BAND this year.  Also - I am very excited to see old friends again Steve Kabakos and Gino Monopoli return as the featured HEADLINERS - they are fantastic tribute artists that never disappoint a crowd.  Are you going?  You better!  I look forward to seeing you there!  June 22nd-June 24th!


04-14-2007 09:29:40 pm CDT

Well we finished two successful charity shows for CANUCKS PLACE CHILDREN'S HOSPICE and were successful in raising over $1000.00 for the charity.  Many thanks to all of the great Elvis fans that came out and supported the kids and the event, and to those tribute artists and performers that tirelessly donated their talents to put on an amazing show:

Ben Klein
Jackson Vanderveen
Adam "ELVIS" Leyk
Aaron Wong
TARA & TARA - www.stardustshowgirls.com

AS WELL...to the extraordinary efforts of SANDOR GYARMATI and the volunteer efforts of the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of British Columbia - www.lovingyouelvis.com  who not only kept everything in order at the front of house - but worked tirelessly to get the word out and provided refreshments - outstanding.

Langley was pretty much SOLD OUT - and the Vancouver show was a little soft in attendance - but the emotions ran high and all of the audiences were courteous and appreciative of the donated tributes to the KING.  It was a pleasure to be asked to perform and produce the show...and GOD willing we will be able to do another for another charitable organizaiton in the near future.  To date in four shows - ULTIMATE ELVIS has raise almost $8000.00 for charity!  No better way to keep the memory alive!


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Email:  ultimateelvis@shaw.ca